Saturday, March 26, 2011

Welcome to " Neighbors" Hood.

Welcome little YAZ
Little Yaz is the newest pup to the group

        Big Thanks to Ms. Michelle at Neighbors .If you are ever in Port Orange make sure you take the time to  stop by  Neighbors General store. Class was hosted  by MS Michele  in Port Orange .  We toured the Spruce Creek Fire station a big thanks to Fire fighter Pete.  We started by having a class with a warm up which consisted of group obedience drills in the parking lot .Then we toured the station.   The pups were  exposured to the trucks and a fire fighter in full gear. Then we moved to the parking lot for a photo op  and  the siren  demonstration. We were reminded that this was a full time working station and they were on call and could be called away at any time. After we finished there, Ms. Michelle  lead the group on a scenic walk and through a children’s park and back to the store.
Shirley meets fire fighter Pete, all the dogs take a turn.


  1. Looks like a fun meeting! Yaz is adorable! Do you know what litter he was from? Is there any puppies in your group that are 10 months old?
    Shirley is getting so big!

  2. Berkeley was a bit freaked out at our firefighter meeting. Looks like Yaz took it all in stride!

  3. Yaz is adorable and he has a very special name...Bella Dog posted the story...