Sunday, March 27, 2011

road trip

If you have been  checking in lately you know I’ve been counting down until spring break which started 2:10 Thursday afternoon with only one last obligation  obedience class.  We are going to Savannah, Georgia right after class for a couple of days. I looked at Shirley and said road trip. But a thought popped up in the back of my head.  I realized that this would be the ultimate exposure for Shirley. Going to the local Publix, easy. Picking out different colors of yarn and fabric with my mom while older ladies are awing over her at Jo-Ann’s, also easy, the mall, warehouse stores, the local list goes on. But a trip! That is in a different ballpark. Shirley will have to be on her A-game , staying at hotel ,(we stayed at great place right on  River St. (note: Guide dogs welcome everywhere  but when you are calling for reservations and  add in the words in training ,you hear oh we don’t allow pets here, be prepared for a long conversation that the pup is not our pet  ;0 ). Stop one:  Petsmart to buy new toys to keep her occupied.

we walked miles in this Parking G

The signs finally started to read Georgia!…  but our spirits were dampened L as we arrived  it was pouring rain, thundering, lightening, and 40 degrees , and here we are with a pup that’s been in a car for the past 5 hours. So we must put our heads together and come up with  something ding ,ding  parking garage here  we come---- 8 flights up then 8 down  and tossed in a few flights of stairs and  we repeated going up and down until Shirley got tired and a had a work out and did BUSY! And that’s not so easy for a grass girl.
Later that evening the thunder/lightening let up, but it continued to rain. So, we grabbed the umbrella,  huddled under it, and started to explore. On a good note Shirley enjoyed it. I think it has only rained twice since she came to live with us. We slipped into a small place for dinner and Shirley curled up under the table like a pro. Back to the hotel to settle in for the night and the new surroundings didn’t bother her a bit.

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