Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh, Shirley!

                              To borrow a metaphor for the madness from a co- raiser------- Ms.Hyde and Dr Jekyll  showed up to training class today. WOW! Shirley just wasn't having any part of it! Say sit she'd stand and visa versa.  But after class I received some great tips from CO- AC Mr Carl I must get her to concentrate solely on me.   Shirley knows her commands now we just have to get her to implement them everywhere and practice we will .And before class we were talking to co raiser Bob and he used the analogy the dogs do this at the obedience class because they think of the other dogs as family and get all excited.   An interesting note is that AC Jocelyn asked for us and  Shirley to make an arrangement for her first play date at our home for some puppy one to one stairs exposure . After class the little stinker was just fine; in the AT&T store we were able to stand in line, and get our new phones (not the quickest transaction). Then we went out to lunch,  and she was calm to greet people with her best  SEGD paw forward.

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