Monday, March 28, 2011

 It is still really cold, but the rain has let up for now. We decided to walk around hours before the trolleys or shops open. Shirley has brought her A game and more, entering and exiting the hotel gracefully. For example, Shirley went back of the elevator avoiding other guests, and sitting nicely for the ones that insist on making a fuss over her because they miss their own pets back at home. It was funny to watch her at the  cross walk pedestrian boxes would start to talk and Shirley's reaction , when it  would say wait ,wait ,wait Shirley would sit right down ,then the signal would change and say walk –walk.
We walked the river front enjoying the experience even though the wind was blasting in our faces and Shirley’s ears flopped back.  To get back to the main streets of the city you can choose an infinite number of different stairs, cobblestone, brick or tabby walkways; Shirley was great on the stairs and could walk across the walk ways all day if we let her.
Walking along Shirley seemed to be amazed by all the horse and  carriages (Shirley loves horses) We decided to buy tickets for Old Town Trolleys (they allow guide dogs on the ride) and they had  enclosed trollies , let me just say SHIRLEY was perfect. It seemed that at times Shirley was getting more attention than the tour guide. There must have been a lot of Labrador lovers on board! We were planning to bring Shirley on a ghost tour, but the cold temperatures and the continuous downpour prevented us from a ghost adventure but check out this picture of Shirley.

this is about as haunted as gets

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