Sunday, March 6, 2011

Walkathon! Read All About It!

       Southeastern Guide dog's 25th walkathon at Rossi Waterfront Park, Bradenton Riverwalk  was yesterday. So we had to get an early start, because it's about a two hour drive, and we wanted to get there for Opening Ceremonies.
     Shirley did great on the way there; she just seems to like car rides no matter how long or short the distance is. We arrived at the scene with time to spare, so we decided to mingle and talk to other puppy guide dog raisers and host breeders looking for their offspring and puppy raisers looking for littermates we met so many nice people .
      After exploring the area around us, the walkathon was about to start, and Shirley would now have to step up to the plate. So,  we headed to the start line and waited for the singal. BAM! Shirley and I take off, and just after the walk started so did the steel drums. Shirley was not so sure about that, and put on the breaks. We stepped off to the side and just listened; after a few minutes she  built up her confinence  and we were off again! Shirley got in a whole list of exposers: dogs and more dogs ,loud speakers,live music ,old and young ,wagons and stollers babies and  toddlers. We finised and then we went to Anna Maria island for the afternoon before heading home. Shirley loves the feeling of sand between her toes .

We also took some great pictures of our experience here, which can be seen on yesterday's post.

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