Friday, March 25, 2011

Shirley has a sleepover

This is Sarge who is a great pup from group.

Our A.C. Mrs. Jocelyn asked if we’d arrange a play date with Sarge’s  raisers. See Sarge’s handlers live in a one story house and Sarge doesn’t get to climb stairs that much. His raisers said he didn’t like to, but he does.  They would be so proud of their boy.  All it took was Shirley running past him and flying up the stairs and he was ready to participate in the fun.  He was able to practice at my house then we took them both to a local business and practiced in outside stairwells, at this point he was a pro. We took a few long walks, a night walk and plenty of off leash play time . Sarge is welcome anytime  ! And it was good practice for  Shirley to have  another  non family dog around ,a lot of sit ,down and stay for her …


HEY I know you


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