Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yo Ho Yo Ho A Doggie's Life For Me

Today there was no obedience class but we did practice at home  , but Shirley had an action packed adventure of new exposures yesterday. My parents and I wanted to have fun, but also be  able to bring Shirley along with us. So, we picked Pirates Cove as a great place to fulfill both. After we picked our clubs and golf balls, we noticed right from the first hole Shirley would have to put her skills to the test. She faced many obstacles along the way like water everywhere and a cave, slopes, series of stairs, and other golfers and the whole time fighting the urge to chase the golf ball (She did not  Chase one  ball but did wait in an eager sitting position waiting for one of us to say get it . Shirley did great for all of these obstacles that she faced. She does pull on the leash; we are working on this and it's not all the time. She never seems to get discouraged with the right abouts  or sit and forward and  saying easy NO and do a leash correction  , but  I feel that she made a major step forward toward her goal   :) We played  at pirates cove old town and it was muscle car night which equals loud fast cars.We had dinner out and she aced that.
As for today, she did her daily morning walk. I have to state that her walks deal with a lot of obstacles as well like cars,joggers, barking dogs, squirrels, birds, and other distractions. With a little encouragement, she makes past the large barking dog , all of these obstacles are not standing  in her way.

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