Saturday, February 12, 2011

2nd Saturday

Today was an action packed day. First I like to start out with the fact that she was perfect on the way to our obedience class. Since we arrived at our destination pretty early, I decided to walk her around the park before anyone came, and we got some great pictures of her walking on the dock .

A few minutes later, the youngest puppies of the group arrived and we decided to let them roam, romp, and play in the tennis court because it was caged. These rambunctious puppies about wore themselves out by running, jumping, fetching a toy, chasing each other, and running through a puddle. And like any puppy with a sense of humor topping it off by rolling in the dirt.

Soon, the other members arrived and class began. Today we shared the positives and negatives about our dogs, so we could learn from each other,Ms Jocelyn shared training tips and updates with the group.We did the usual weaving exercise for a few minutes, which is an important exercise that tests the dog's ability to work without being distracted.  After that, we broke up into groups and practiced the weekly routines and commands. Shirley did so much better this week than last week. I am so proud of her like always, but today was a pleasure :)

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