Friday, February 11, 2011

Shirley goes to Jo-Anns

                                           Today Shirley did her regular rounds, then I had to work so she went to Jo-Anns with my parents . People stopped in their tracks to see this tiny dog going through the store and the Jo-Ann police (Ha Ha ; ) came up to read her vest to make sure she was offical and commented they start out really small. My mom was picking out fabric, Shirley was sitting next to her and my dad  was close by and this older women goes to him "I've been watching them, they get around good, does the dog help her pick out the colors? " My dad said "Oh...She's not blind, And he went on to explain a little about southeastern guide dogs and that my family and I are puppy raisers , then the women looked at my mom and smiled and said really loudly  good luck with your dog dear.

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