Saturday, February 5, 2011

Giddy UP

     If you haven't guessed it  Shirley's Saturday Adventure was to the Equestrian CenterTriple Diamond Ranch  in Cassia( Eustis Florida). First I'd  like to thank Amanda and her Mom for hosting such a great location and thank you for lunch afterwards . This was a very remote location with a  pleasant surprise at the end of a long dirt road. Amanda , attends Four H Class there. She brought out her horse so all the dogs could  have the experience  of being around a horse .We then went on to some obedeience training. Shirley was resistant to some of the activities; I guess she just wanted to be a puppy today. But I have noticed since I spend so much time with her I think something was wrong with her today she just wasn't herself. Even though she did that, I 'm proud of her! She will get it, I will get it, and my mom said she's proud of us both so what more can anyone ask for.

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