Saturday, February 19, 2011

Busy bags go flying !

       I  would not call this the average day at the mall , I have one pooped pup literally and figuratively.But let me backtrack to the beginning of my adventure. My parents and I woke up early today to get Shirley all ready to go to the Sanford Mall today for training class. Just before we left, I took Shirley to relieve herself (she did busy #1 and 2) and I figured that she would be good for awhile. BOY was I wrong! I will discuss more about that later. Along the way to the mall I-4 turned into a huge parking lot major accident ahead, but thanks to my mom's internal GPS we made a detour and save a lot of time.

We soon arrived (with minutes to spare) and entered the food court of the mall. After a few important notices and handouts and AC Jocelyn review of topics, we went into groups to start the tour and training in the mall. Shirley was very energetic throughout the whole journey, so I had to use the right about command in order to get her less excited . But after ten minutes of walking through the mall, Shirley PEED! I was shocked to see her do that, but I thought not all bad at least she didn't poop. BUT boy was I wrong! Wait its coming .We continue on, all is well. Then it happen one right after another Patriot then Clem AND YES SHIRLEY pooped as well! But our trainer Peggy said that is natural for the puppies to do this at this age, glad Peggy was there. We all cleaned up and shook off the embarrassment as the mall police stood and watched.

On a good note, the puppies went through several training procedures like making the puppy go down under a bench, entering a elevator, watching an escalator (note: guide dogs are not allowed to go on the escalator!), going up and down a few stairs, and all of them did pretty well for not having much experience with these procedures. All of them even did well with a miniature kids train that went past them!

After all of these training procedures, we went back to the food court to end our training and had lunch.

Shirley slept the whole way home, pooped pup figuratively!

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