Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Social , IFT AND A SURPRISE

come on please 

leo and Shirley

new pups Miller and Wendy

who let the dogs out
WHAT A PARTY! Shirley and her fellow dog mates had a blast where they had acres to roam and play Thank you Ms Betty for hosting and our AC Ms. Jocelyn for getting us all together. This was Shirley's last meeting, and I really think Shirley was happy to say goodbye to the group.

We are enjoying every precious second with Shirley as she will be going back on December 10, 2011. We will be sad when Shirley goes off for college and then to her forever home, since she provided us many memorable memories.

I can remember the day we got Shirley. I could tell that she was very special and this was the project for me. I have done volunteering for many years, but I have never done such a behemoth task in my life. Shirley came with so much responsibility she not only strengthen  my character, but also gave me a challenge that contained  occasional  frustrating moments. Where I grew was not to show any frustration; I praised her and kept trying. My time with Shirley has also developed my public speaking skills, since you cannot do any outing without someone asking questions about SEGD or Shirley. There are a few people that freak out when they see a dog in a store (even with its harness or puppy coat) and tell the manager right away. I learned to keep my poise and calmly inform the manager or person that she is a guide dog in training , but some places people would yell out "That's just Shirley!" and repeat word for word information that I have shared on a previous outing  . This worked almost every time, and thus this taught me how to effectively diffuse a situation. Shirley definitely put me on the right foot to make this a successful guide dog puppy raiser experience. I must thank my parents for saying yes, and for being a big part of this team,  I could not do this without you .

Even though Shirley is a City girl she has made a lot of friends in my busy neighborhood and in the local businesses and will be truly missed.
I thank you Mr Crane for your gift to southeastern guide dogs and sponsoring Shirley it has been a  apleasure corresponding with you we wish you only the best. 
Also, I just got the word that we will be receiving a yellow lab male on the same day we drop Shirley off. This day will defiantly be bitter sweet for the whole family.   To answer the question everyone asks how can you give her up "I could never do that " , I say she has given more than she has taken and someone out there truly deserves her more than I do .
Thank you Shirley for making it look easy, I will miss you !

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