Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Newman's a hit at the mall

           Saturday I took Newman  to the mall, which I consider to be a major outing since malls are usually bustling with people and with many different aromas and textures( different surfaces). I can't believe how much attention Newman got! At one point we even had a small crowd form around us. Newman provided  puppy love while Dad, Mom and I answered questions that people had. We had more than one person say "God bless you" for doing this, which is a very big compliment. It seemed like everywhere we went with Newman we had people asking questions about what program we were with , ask to pet Newman, smile, or just stare at him even one person rushed by stopped came back to make a comment .At this rate Newman will truly get his wide range of people exposures early on, kids are very attracted to him .  I remember we took Shirley to the same mall around the same age and she hardly got any attention most people smiled, but kept going yelled out good job. Either the people on that day were not puppy lovers or a yellow lab puppy can melt anyone's heart. I can't totally  blame them we may be conditioned that way though advertisement ; look at the Nintendo dogs or the Cottonelle puppy or the K-9 Advantix Pup.  This was just an after though observation  , we truly enjoyed answering the questions  people were asking.

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we were in Game stop and this little girl came running over look mom the dog comes with  the game?"
Newman had no trouble with the changes in floor surfaces .
waiting for the elevator ,he handle that like a pro.

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