Monday, December 19, 2011

Publix. Where guiding is a pleasure

Today Newman geared up for one of his first outings that will soon become a regular thing for him . Bathroom break- check, Puppy coat- check, paper towels/busy bags- check. A good place to practice commands and get a good outing in is Publix, since it has so many distractions( e.g. food), people( who are very friendly to guide dogs), and many other things. Right when Newman stepped into Publix he was greeted or put smiles on peoples' faces. We weighed him on the scale, which he weighed about 25lbs. Newman seemed very comfortable ; he   likes to explore or observe the world around him and maneuvered well around shopping carts . I would give him an A+ for his wonderful efforts and behavior. This outing gave Newman  good exposure to a large friendly crowd.

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