Saturday, January 22, 2011

Puppy in the Park!

Look at the bird less than 3ft away , it flew in she looked over at it and  then looked away!
It's Saturday Shirley is 12 weeks old . This was really the first free day we have had , everyone is off ,no work, no classes , no vet ,no tests , No Rain! So we are off for a day at the park!
The scenery was perfect for a pup in training ,so many new things her curiosity was on high alert with all these great new things. Some of the most notable were people zipping by on segways, mini bikes, baby strollers, and a person in a wheelchair, Rollerblades, and groups of people walking dogs.
     We turned off the trail and she walked on pine needles, acorns, gravel, and wooden bridges. On the path there were birds, squirrels, and even an alligator and turtle sunning  themselves. No, Shirley wasn’t allowed to explore them.
     She walked very well on leash and was even a step ahead. She did not lunge at anything or anyone. She would sit when a group of people walked by in hopes of being petted. You could tell she was enjoying this, even when a gust of wind would take her off    guard.                                                                           
               I noticed something today that sighted people do naturally, They walk to the right of the sidewalk, but when walking guide dogs you stay to the left, dog to the grass line. You see people coming toward you, they get closer and closer to the grass hoping you will correct and go to the right , like the game of chicken, until they are standing right in front of you. Both are at a standstill, and then you say “I’m training a guide dog and this is how we need to walk.” People seem to be educated that they shouldn’t pet a dog in the blue coat, but they have no clue why we walk on the wrong side of the side walk.
     After her walk, we got something to eat, and then Shirley slept the whole way home.

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