Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Busy Day for Shirley and I

     Yes!!! My midterms are finally over! No more dreadful hours of studying. Now I can finally devote my time for SHIRLEY.
     Today Shirley had a busy day starting with her daily drive to the high school to drop me off, and my dad took her to the post office. The post office is a great place for her to begin her socialization with the public. My dad said that she had no problems at the post office, which is great news. After I got out of school, my family and I took Shirley to the vet where she got two shots today. She seems to like going to the vet, because the staff there is very friendly at Celebration Veterinary Hospital. She now weighs 24.2 LB . She will not have to go to the vet for another three weeks. We plan to take her to a park tommorrow. It will be a blast!


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