Saturday, January 29, 2011

OB 1 Class

Shirley                       Patriot                       Clem
Puppy Class

            Today Shirley, my mom, and I went to our first obedience class. The location was Spring Valley HOA  Altamonte Springs Great park Ms.Peggy, and lets just say what a beautiful location. We got there pretty early, so we explored the area. She got to experience different sites and sounds and a lot of dogs!    Then, we made  our way back to the meeting and listened for a half-hour to all the important information our area coordinator had to share. After that, she told the handlers to line up on the gravel road and make the dogs sit. I thought "That's pretty easy." But then we had to do this sort of weaving in and out between each dog and handler. I didn't know what to do at first, but the trainers showed us  newbies and made us comfortable so we could relax ,  and help us make corrections we needed to be successful . After the first time, I had to take full control of Shirley and I did pretty good for our first time. When every dog and handler finished the process, we broke up into three small groups ranging in age, and we worked with Ms.Betty and Ms.Peggy  . Shirley, Patriot, and Clem were put into the first group pups under 4 months old , which is the youngest group. We practiced some basic obedience skills. Every dog did very well when not distracted. I mean, there were a lot of distractions ranging from acorns, leaves, sticks, other dogs, trainers, etc. Shirley's main distraction from what I noticed was other dogs. My parents and I will have to work on dog socialization, and Shirley will practice that with our other dog Roxy.   I think all three dogs did fine considering all of the distractions that were present during the obedience training. Shirley and I are continuing to work on her commands and socialization. It will take time, but I know Shirley can do it.I am looking forward to the next class.

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