Saturday, July 28, 2012

Boat Ride in The Villages

Today our training was at The Villages. Let me just say that The Villages is a really nice place, and Newman is really familiar with his place due to his puppy camp was at The Villages. So Newman quickly accumulated to the surroundings and was happy to be here again. What was special about today was that we went on a boat ride and toured The Villages. Once Newman and I were on the boat Newman right away laid down and enjoyed the breeze. We saw some wildlife like turtles,fishes, and even an alligator. I have to say the boat ride was great for Newman, since we really would not be able to provide such an experience for Newman. I think he handled the boat ride especially well and I am proud of him. Good going Newman! 

 My dad and Beau
 Newman and I
 Down stay being enforced

Boat Ride Pictures. Amazing Views!

Going home after a fun experience


  1. Yey! Great job for Newman! :D “Going home after a fun experience”--- I’m sure your dog really enjoyed it. How about you? :) It’s really nice to see that last picture. It looks like Newman wasn’t tired yet after your training. Thanks also as you gave me a good idea. I haven’t tried riding a boat with my dog. I’ll try it next time!

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