Thursday, October 13, 2011


Sorry for being out so long! Keeping up with  homework and getting used to school again has taken me awhile, and spending time with Shirley making sure she gets the exposures she needs. Also, we've been working on some things, and Shirley is doing great. Consequently, leaving little time to document. But now we are back.

Well, Shirley is eleven months old now. Time is flying by and now that half our group is getting ready to go in for training I realize our time together is becoming short. She's been in a harness for about a month now. She loves to wear the harness and when she see it she knows it time to work. A harness cost over $300 to repair, so don't let your guidedogs chew it!

Shirley and I have attended several dog meetings, (e.g. the beach) of course she loved the water. I noticed she has a different personality when she does and does not have the harness on. A big old playful pup without it on, and all business and more ladylike with the harness on. She had to wear the coat due to the rain. 

We spent the weekend in Saint Augustine! Shirley was a pro! The people are very aware of guide dogs and are quick to speak up and say great job or no no don't bother her she's working. I think this is due to the famous deaf and blind school located at St.Augustine. She was all business: she went to Ripley's and to the  fort and shops and train rides and a ghost tour and crowds of people and bus tours of elementary school aged kids and she was perfect  (that is one of the things we are working on). Below are several pictures of Shirley and I! 

Early morning run

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