Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shirley is going to college

        Well everyday Shirley and I have routine things we do and one of them is to check the mail; just something we do every afternoon. Today there was a stack and on top was a card and it was a Birthday card for her. She will a year old in a couple of days; Thank you SEGD!  But I noticed another letter addressed to us about Shirley we knew the time was near and even more of a reminder is half our group goes in this week Ellie ,Sarge, Andrea ,and Rex hope I didn't forget anyone . Well, you probably guessed that it was Shirley's "In for Training" letter. I knew that this letter would be coming in the mail soon, but when I read it, I was still shocked. Shirley will be heading back on December Tenth, and that day will be bitter sweet. It will be a little difficult not having Shirley around the house. I do know whatever career she is chosen for she will perform to the best of her ability.

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