Friday, March 2, 2012

Tomorrow is the Walk-a-thon! The walk-a-thon is the major funding event for SEGD, since SEGD is not government sponsored. So come on down! Newman and I are fully prepared for this event. It is going to be very hot tomorrow, so I will make sure to have bottles of water for Newman and I. They also have a water station for the dogs, which is good or a few dogs may overheat/exhausted.

I have found a great way to enforce the down/stay command. My dad and I were playing Chess, and sometimes Newman would try to give his own insight by trying to move some of the pieces. Smart dog at playing Chess, but we had to have Newman resist from trying to move the pieces. After a few verbal "NO's" Newman got the idea. We will practice this again.

I will make sure to have lots of pictures of the event and maybe even a video.

P.S.: We will also have a little surprise tomorrow on the blog!

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