Sunday, August 21, 2011

Shirley is BACK

  We went down to the campus on Friday to pick Shirley up, if you havn't been following along she was down there for her heat cycle. She was there for five weeks. First, we went to the puppy center to pick her up, but she wasn't back yet (she was at the admin building), so while we waited we had papers to sign and as we did that one of the keepers said "And you know she's pregnant.", you should of seen our jaws dropped and simultaneously yell what , the lady looked at us said "Oh no thats not Shirley's paper well the news goes to Diva not Shirley" maybe that was some kind of puppy kennel humor. So off to the admin office and she was there with a trainer all calm and sweet hanging out .We walked over and it took a few seconds and when she realized it was us she jumped for joy. That's a good feeling! As a result of her stay the main thing we have noticed right away is she has really mellowed out to the point she's a different dog. Before kennel time she had 2 settings on /off and off was sleeping .She was the type of dog you would give the down command and she would look at as if to say been there done that- stay where really really ....and she liked her space.  She would even eat fast were talking a matter of seconds,  now she's like the lady in lady and tramp she'll look at the bowl and back at you as if to say all this for me ok i'll try crunch crunch , she has even left a few nuggets, unheard of before now. And she is super sweet now; she offers a lick and then lays down across your feet :)

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