Saturday, June 4, 2011

Week 2 of Puppy Camp! one more week!

Shirley comes home next SATURDAY!!!! She has been gone for two weeks now, we miss you Shirley. We haven't heard any updates yet, but we hope that no news is good news.  Ellie has been with us for two weeks.
Puppy camp is an interesting premise; it helps remind you of the reality and greater objective, and that your puppy is to be placed as a guide dog and needs to perform. It’s learned skills for everyone and in totally new situations. There are things that your visiting pup may do quite well and you realize "Oh we need to work on that with our pup!", and to be fair on the flip side you are so proud of  the important things you have mastered with your own pup and have a renewed sense of pride. This why puppy camp is so important! Pre-puppy camp comments from Ellie's raisers are that she is working on jumping up on people, and we noticed that she does jump up on people and things. Of course it is very exciting to be in a new place, new people, new sounds, and new experiences. But all PAWS on deck is the number one rule! Ellie is getting better at this, but that will continue to be our main focus of our last week together. Ellie is the sweetest pup when comes to down time. Ellie gives new meaning to being right next to you. She curls up right on you; she is like a big old lap dog.

To be continued.......

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