Saturday, May 21, 2011

Puppy Camp

             Shirley is all packed and ready to go,   puppy camp starts today.

The day started with a pre-puppy camp social in a great hidden gem of a park . Our group leader had a pavilion rented where we had a pot luck picnic lunch. This gave everyone time to socialize and exchange facts and stories about their dogs; it was nice to learn a few things about the other families and the exchange puppy you will be taking home, plus enjoying a nice lunch. Today, we were going to exchange Shirley and Ellie, so we spent time with Ellie's raisers and compared notes. After everyone finished their lunch, we started to exchange dogs. Ellie and Shirley really look a lot alike and have a lot of the same mannerisms; Ellie is just older and alittle bigger.It was with mixed emotions  to watch the pup you have been raising walk away tail waging happy go lucky with someone else. But all it took was for Ellie to give me a lick and put her head down on my lap and that eased my emotions. I hope Shirley is sweet to her host family. We will miss Shirley! But, Ellie is a great dog, so all is well.
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