Saturday, April 9, 2011


I was tasked to host the group with only one request from my AC - open stairs ,  I wanted to come up with something special and what better set of open stairs than  Gatorlands viewing tower . With the help of my parents I was able to plan our group meeting at Gatorland. I would like to personally thank Ms Bridgette for making this possible with all her hard work in the planning and Gatorlands generosity, we were able to tour the park .Their generosity made it possible for this dedicated group of puppy raisers to give the pups a wonderful exposure experience ,without great and unselfish partners to the community like gatorland and caring people like Ms.Bridgette this would not be possible, myself and the group thank you!

NO they are not water toys pups
Ms Genevieve and the staff made us all feel welcome

Go Shirley

Ms.Betty is a pro, Sarge is next you can do it.
hey pups we can teach you climb those stairs

The  view from the tower spectacular

Look at this huge male alligator ,when he was bellowing it sounded like a lion roaring ,you could feel the vibration and see the water dancing and rippling around him it was just amazing .

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