Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day at the Campus

My parents and I went back to SEGD campus to fill out the final paperwork. We found out that the dog's name is Shirley and found out that this name was sponsored (you have to pay $3,500 in order to name a dog). The story behind the name is that a husband lost his wife(also named Shirley), who was a guide dog raiser. So he decided to name a dog after his wife who was always with him. After that sad note, we were able to play with some of the puppies and we might of met SHIRLEY! Here is a picture of possibly the future Shirley.  


  1. Nice blog,Shirley is cute! Good Luck

  2. Quincy, looks like an excellent project. I hope the entire family is well and all the best for the New year. Tell Dad to say hello when he gets some time. Uncle A